Writing for Social Media: Online Course

Hi there! You clicked on this page because you’re interested in taking my Writing for Social Media course, but you are unable to make it in a campus setting. No worries! The course will also be offered online!

Once there are 3 people paid, a course will run. In the event that only one person is interested a course, it can be condensed to three weeks.

Course description: In this six-week non-credit course, adults of all ages will learn the language of social media, how to market their own work/selves and how to earn money working as a social media marketer. Participants will leave the class with an assessment of their own social media habits, understanding of blog writing, website copy and how to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for marketing purposes. 

Course Syllabus

Course cost:

  • Package 1: The 6-week course – $65
  • Package 2: The 6-week course and 3 hours of 1-on-1 instruction – $100
  • Package 3: The 6-week course and one month of 1-on-1 instruction: $250

Tentative Dates:

  • Monday: 6-8 p.m. ( July 8 – August 12)